Induction for Sessional Teachers

**The Induction for Sessional Teachers has moved from LMS to TrainME.
See below for further details.**

The Induction for Sessional Teachers is a self-guided, interactive online course for sessional teachers at the University of Melbourne. It explores educational theory including principles of small group teaching, strategies for student engagement, feedback, encouraging active learning and self-evaluation techniques, and includes a final task of critiquing a filmed tutorial. Upon successful completion participants may consider taking the Advanced Skills for Sessional Teachers program or the Melbourne Teaching Certificate.

Suitable for

Sessional teachers new to the University of Melbourne.


The Induction for Sessional Teachers is available through TrainME and takes around 4 hours to complete.

To enrol in the course, please use Google Chrome.

  1. Log in to TrainME using your University of Melbourne username and password at
  2. Click Learning and then Course Catalogue.
  3. In the Search field, type [Induction for Sessional Teachers].
  4. Click Enrol.
  5. Complete all three sections.

If you need any assistance with TrainME, please contact

Once you have completed all modules your training record will be updated overnight in Themis.

To see your training record, log in to Themis > UoM Staff self service > Performance and Development > Training and Development > go to the Learning History tab > expand the External Learning bar.

Staff who have already started the previous version of this course in LMS can either:

  • Complete the course in LMS then email Cathleen Benevento when they have completed all three sections. Cathleen will send you a certificate and notify HR to update your Themis record manually; OR
  • Start the course from scratch in TrainME. You will receive a certificate on completion and your training record will be updated in Themis automatically.


For further queries regarding this program, please contact:

Cathleen Benevento
T: +61 3 8344 4534