Stakeholder Partnership Coaching

Cohort 1 (Online) is now full. Please email the CSHE to be placed on the waitlist.


Centre for the Study of Higher Education is trialling the Partnership Group Coaching program in 2022. Partnership Group Coaching is a facilitative process that leverages the experiences and knowledge of a small group of colleagues working on a common principle but having different individual partnership goals. The aim is to foster a community of practices who strive to build ethical, effective and impactful stakeholder partnerships. The common partnership principle could be respect, reciprocity, mutuality, equity and sustainability.

Program Structure

Each session focuses on the participants’ intentions to enhance trust, outlook, quality and impact of their partnerships. Instead of ‘lecturing’ about theories or ‘workshopping’ partnership tools, the format of the group coaching specifically focuses on addressing complex partnership issues from the participants. The facilitators will work with the group to draw out deeper issues using coaching questioning techniques. The group will collectively disentangle the issues and individually build their own thinking framework. Participants will attend all five sessions with the same cohort. Debriefing and evaluation of learning will be conducted at the end of the program.

Cohort 1 (Online)

Session 1 Friday May 13th 12pm to 1:30pm
Session 2 Friday May 20th 12pm to 1:30pm
Session 3 Friday May 27th 12pm to 1:30pm
Session 4 Friday June 3rd 12pm to 1:30pm
Session 5 Friday June 10th 12pm to 1:30pm

Cohort 2 (On Campus)

Session 1 Friday June 17th 12pm to 1:30pm
Session 2 Friday June 24th 12pm to 1:30pm
Session 3 Friday July 1st 12pm to 1:30pm
Session 4 Friday July 8th 12pm to 1:30pm
Session 5 Friday July 15th 12pm to 1:30pm


We use group coaching methodology to enhance stakeholder partnership capabilities and deepened thought processes in regard to our partnership perceptions, assumptions and behaviours.

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Suitable for

Academic or professional staff at the University of Melbourne. Whether you are at the beginning or in the middle of collaboration or partnership, formal or informal partnership on research, teaching or other university-projects, are welcomed to participate.


This is a co-designed program and will be co-facilitated by Dr Siew Fang Law, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education Engagement, Collaboration and Partnership, and Fred Panise, Certified Coach and Founder of Emotionally Conscious Company.

Dr Siew Fang Law headshot
Dr Siew Fang Law
Senior Lecturer in Higher Education Engagement
Collaboration and Partnership
Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
The University of Melbourne

Dr Siew-Fang Law is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for the Study of Higher Education. She has extensive cross-sector professional experience and a transdisciplinary background in applied social psychology, community development and conflict transformation.
Fred Panise Headshot
Fred Panise
Certified Coach and Founder of Emotionally Conscious Company

Fred Panise is a Certified Coach and founder of Emotionally Conscious Company passionate to make a difference and positive impact in people's lives and organisations.


Register now

By registering you are agreeing to attend at least 4 of the 5 sessions.

On the day:

Bring your partnership experience with you as ‘case study’, and the attitudes and willingness to commit to a small group of communities to disentangle different partnership dilemmas and complexities over Friday lunchtime on campus.


Program Content

Dr Siew Fang Law, Program Coordinator