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Myron Yovannidis

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Spotlight on Engagement Series

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This Zoom webinar is part of the Spotlight on Engagement Series.

Australian universities are considering how to best support researchers to engage with the broader community and address increasing requirements for planning and assessing research impact. The experiences of universities in Canada and the USA provide valuable insights into what is needed in terms of strategic leadership, cultural change and professional support. This presentation provides an overview of the Canadian and US approaches to supporting research engagement and impact and detailed case studies of eight universities visited during a study tour undertaken in June 2019. Joann also reflects on the responses to her findings and recent developments at the University of Melbourne.

Joann Cattlin is Manager, Research, Engagement and Impact at the Melbourne Law School. She has previously been a research project manager, researcher and librarian. In 2018 she received the University of Melbourne/Universitas 21 Professional Staff scholarship travel to North America.

Presented by Dr Siew Fang Law, Engagement, Collaboration and Partnerships initiatives at Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.