Please find all video recordings and presentation slides during the Engaged University e-Symposium.
Abstracts for each presentation and information on presenters can be found on the Program page for the e-Symposium.

Keynote Presentation

Mythbusting research impact - David J. Phipps, Ph.D., MBA, Assistant Vice President Research Strategy & Impact, York University

Rethinking engagement

The many layers of Indigenous community partnerships
Presented by:
Inala Cooper, Director, Student and Scholarly Services, Murrup Barak, Academy of Sport, Health and Education and Community Partnerships (Strategy and Culture, Chancellery)
Milton Nomikoudis, Munarra Project Manager and Education Lead, Murrup Barak, Academy of Sport, Health and Education and Community Partnerships (Strategy and Culture, Chancellery)
Leonie Dwyer, Manager of the Academy of Sport, Health and Education

Building engagement into research design: constructing socially robust solutions to complex policy problems
Presented by:
Professor Julian Webb, Professor of Law, Melbourne Law School

Engaging our places and communities (part 1)

Relationship building with Indigenous communities - UoM's strategic place-based partnership with the Yothu Yindi Foundation (recording and slides unavailable)
Presented by:
Mayatili Marika, Yothu Yindi Foundation Partnership Officer & Cultural Advisor, Community Partnerships, (Strategy and Culture, Chancellery)

Research unit for Indigenous Arts and Culturess: Three-year review of objectives, engagement and impact (recording and slides unavailable)
Presented by:
Dr Sally Treloyn, Co-Director, Research Unit for Indigenous Arts and Cultures, ARC Future Fellow, Singing the Future, Associate Professor in Ethnomusicology and Intercultural Research, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Engaging our places and communities (part 2)

Supporting university-community engagement: The Community Fellows Program
Presented by:
Ms Charlene Edwards, Executive Officer, Melbourne Social Equity Institute

Crowdfunding as a path to engagement (no slides used)
Presented by:
Mr Jonathan O'Donnell, Research Whisperer, Faculty of Science

Engagement, access and innovations (Part 1)

Engaging community, industry and regulators in disability rights research
(transcript available here)
Presented by:
Dr Yvette Maker, Senior Research Associate, Melbourne Social Equity Institute / Melbourne Law School

It’s not just the ramp: Planning and delivering accessible events at the University of Melbourne
Presented by:
Ms Julie Anderson, Scope-University of Melbourne Partnership Coordinator, School of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Arts

Engagement, access and innovations (Part 2)

Be Here, Be Heard: Creating a balanced dynamic in online learning settings
Presented by:
Dr Nira Rahman, Teaching Associates International, Arts Teaching Innovation, Faculty of Arts

Supporting technology enhanced learning, professional development and accreditation: rebooting the CMALT cMOOC network (no slides used)
Presented by:
Associate Professor Thomas Cochrane, Associate Professor Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

Leadership and Support (Part 1)

Leadership in engagement as change management
Presented by:
James Green, Director, Engagement Strategy, Chancellery
Rebecca Starling, Manager, Engagement Strategy, Chancellery
Daniel Hanrahan, Senior Adviser, Engagement Strategy, Chancellery

Leading a large research only department that engages on social & economic policy in Australia
Presented by:
Professor A. Abigail Payne, Ronald Henderson Professor and Melbourne Institute Director, Director, Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research, Faculty of Business & Economics

Leadership and Support (Part 2)

What support can the University offer researchers in their engagement activities? (recording and slides unavailable)

Presented by:
Associate Professor Gregory Harper, Business Development Director, Research Innovation and Commercialisation
Dr Ruth Park-Jones, Business Development Director, MDHS, Research Innovation and Commercialisation
Margie Mahon, Businesss Development Manager, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Research Innovation and Commercialisation

Developing a transdisciplinary data-intensive research team
Presented by:
Edoardo Tescari, PhD, Senior Research Data Specialist, Melbourne Data Analytics Platform, Chancellery
Karen Thompson, Senior Research Data Steward, Melbourne Data Analytics Platform, Chancellery

Closing remarks with Dr Julie Wells, Vice-President (Strategy and Culture) and Professor William Locke, Director, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education