Emerging Leaders and Managers - Bridging Program

Note: This course is a Bridging Program for current eLAMP individual study participants

*Note: information on this page is for current eLAMP individual study participants only. If you are not currently registered in the program, please refer to the general eLAMP page.

If you are part of the individual study program please email elamp-lhmi@unimelb.edu.au to express your interest in completing the Bridging program.

If you are part of a guided and sponsored cohort, please contact Dina Uzhegova (dina.uzhegova@unimelb.edu.au) for enquiries about your program.**

To be eligible to apply for the eLAMP bridging program you must first complete all four eLAMP modules and their online tests, at 70% or above.

The bridging program is a compulsory component for those undertaking eLAMP ‘for credit’. The bridging program consolidates learning from the online modules with additional assessments, workshops and a supervised capstone project. Upon completion, the bridging program provides a pathway into a Graduate Certificate course offered by the LH Martin Institute with advanced standing for the two foundation subjects.

The image below shows the pathway from individual self-study into the bridging program and the pathway available in to Graduate Certificate courses offered by the LH Martin Institute.

Program Structure

The Bridging Program is made up of a supervised assessment period, facilitated workshops, and a work-based project, which are taken in addition to and after the online modules. You may register for the bridging program once you complete all four modules and complete their online tests at 70% or above. The bridging program covers the consolidation period for meta-reflection assessments, attendance at the consolidation workshop and supervision and marking of the work-based project.

Those who successfully complete the online modules and the bridging program are guaranteed entry in to any of the LH Martin Institute graduate certificate courses with advanced standing (25 credit points) for the foundation unit ‘Tertiary Education Policy and Management’.

Meta-reflection Assessment Periods

During this period, participants will be given access to the Meta-reflection materials and asked to complete the assessment tasks under supervision. Participants must complete all assessment tasks during this period to be eligible to attend the workshop.

September 2019 Online Meta-Reflection Period (online discussion space) DATES TBC

Facilitated Workshops Schedule

The two-day facilitated workshop is highly interactive with peer-to-peer activities and a small group assessment task.

September 2019 Consolidation Workshop, Melbourne DATES TBC

Work-Based (Capstone) Project Schedule

The work-based (capstone) project is written as a position paper, i.e. you take a position, argue your case and find references (and/or accounts of your experience) to back up claims made. This 5000 word paper is taken over a set period with a supervisor from the LH Martin Institute allocated to each participant.

  • 6 May – 14 June 2019 (Proposal due by 26 April)
  • 21 October – 29 November 2019 (Proposal due by 11 October)

Bridging Program Fee

A$2500 (excl GST). This fee includes attendance at a workshop and work-based project supervision and marking. It does NOT include travel and accommodation to attend the workshop.


Please direct enquiries to elamp-lhmi@unimelb.edu.au.