Vocational Education for the 21st Century: A series of policy discussion papers

The LH Martin Institute is pleased to present a series of policy discussion papers prepared by its complement of Senior Fellows, Associates and Researchers to contribute to the debate we think is necessary to reform and invigorate the tertiary education sector, in particular vocational education and TAFE. The series covers a range of topical issues, from policy settings, governance, funding, competency based training, social inequality and training markets, with a view of looking forward, providing independent advice based on thorough analysis of why we find ourselves where we currently are.

Dr Kai Jensen of PolicyTrain supported the project by copy-editing the papers.

Download the full collection of papers

Individual Papers are listed below

Revisioning the system: A critical analysis and the way forward

Dr Ruth Schubert, Professor Leo Goedegebuure, Professor Lynn Meek (2018)

Viewed from the margins: navigating disadvantage and VET

George Myconos, Eric Dommers, Kira Clarke (2018)

Marketisation of VET: The New South Wales response 1990s–2017

Robin Shreeve and Joanna Palser (2018)

How Economics Explains Failure of the Publicly Funded Privately Delivered Training Market

Phillip Toner (2018)

The problematic role of CBT in Australian VET

Steven Hodge (2018)

VET policy: processes, stakeholders and issues

Hugh Guthrie, Emeritus Professor Berwyn Clayton (2018)

VET FEE-HELP: What went wrong?

Francesca Saccaro & Robyn Wright (2018)

Vocational education for the twenty-first century

Anne Jones (2018)

Changes in Funding in Australian vocational education and their effects

Gerald Burke (2018)

How can VET teacher education and development be improved?

Hugh Guthrie & Anne Jones (2018)

Boundaries and connections between VET and higher education at AFQ 5/6

Dr Craig Fowler (2018)