Strengths and Benefits of the Victorian TAFE Model

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Ruth Schubert
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The Victorian TAFE Association commissioned the LH Martin Institute to prepare a paper on the strengths and benefits of the Victorian TAFE system. The rationale for the paper is set against the significant changes to TAFE systems that have occurred in other State jurisdictions largely in the last four years. Victoria is now the only State that retains a diverse system of TAFE Institutes comprised of 12 TAFE Institutes and 4 dual sector universities.

The model used to establish TAFE institutes in Victoria in the early 1980s was significantly different from the other States, with the governance model more closely aligned and deliberately modelled on the Colleges of Advanced Education.  The Victorian model has therefore had a relatively long history of with more autonomous institutes employing their own staff, and having more autonomy with capital and physical infrastructure. This stands in contrast with the other States with longer periods of traditional ‘public sector’ TAFE systems.

Given the considerable change to TAFE Institutional structures in the other Australian States, it is important to identify and celebrate the strengths and benefits of the Victorian TAFE model and these are outlined in the paper.


Associate Professor Ruth Schubert and Professor Leo Goedegebuure


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Strengths and Benefits of the Victorian TAFE Model:

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