Mixed Sector Tertiary Education Part 2: Universities and Private Providers

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Associate Professor Leesa Wheelahan
T: 9035 5547
E: leesa.wheelahan@utoronto.ca
W: Personal web page

Project Details


Competitive National Vocational Education and Training Research and Evaluation (NVETRE) funded project that is researching the growth of ‘mixed-sector’ provision in single sector universities that offer a small amount of VET provision, and private providers that offer both higher education and VET provision. Assoc. Prof. Leesa Wheelahan is leading this project.

The project's scope and purpose is designed to identify issues as the basis for further research. Taken together with Higher Education in TAFE (Wheelahan et al 2009), this project will provide insights into the development of mixed-sector provision in tertiary education, and the way it needs to be developed and supported.

Findings from the HE in TAFE project and this project will provide insights into:

  • The social, economic, political and policy drivers that are contributing to the development of mixed-sector provision;
  • How the 'post-Bradley' environment will shape tertiary education and institutional types, identities, roles and purposes;
  • The impact of policy in facilitating and/or impeding the development of mixed-sector institutions and provision;
  • The way different types of mixed-sector institutions are structured, governed and managed;
  • Particular challenges with mixed-sector provision such as accreditation, quality assurance, reporting and funding;
  • The benefits of mixed-sector institutions such as the extent to which they open opportunities for students;
  • The way mixed-sector institutions affect teaching, teachers' identities and how teachers understand their work;
  • How mixed-sector institutions shape their institutional and industry partnerships; and
  • How policy makers, institutional leaders and teachers can support the development of mixed-sector institutions and provision.


  • Assoc Prof Leesa Wheelahan
  • Dr Emma Curtin
  • Dr Sophie Arkoudis (Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Emmeline Bexley (Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Gavin Moodie (RMIT University)

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Mixed-sector tertiary education: implications for self-accrediting and other higher education institutions:

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