The LH Martin Institute is involved in the following research projects.

Project Research Contact Project Status
Bridge to Opportunity: TAFE as Key Partners in Innovation Systems Leo Goedegebuure Completed
Chapter in Visions for Australian Tertiary Education – Vocational Education and the Innovation Agenda: Towards the creation of effective innovation eco-systems Leo Goedegebuure Completed
Community College Research Project Assoc Prof Leesa Wheelahan Completed
Graduate Destination Survey (GDS) Enhancement Project Professor Hamish Coates Completed
Higher Education in TAFE Associate Professor Leesa Wheelahan Completed
Investigating Quality Teaching in the Victorian VET Sector Ruth Schubert Completed
Investigations of Outcomes-based Auditing Professor Hamish Coates Completed
Learning by association in higher education Dr Heather Davis Completed
Mixed Sector Tertiary Education Part 2: Universities and Private Providers Associate Professor Leesa Wheelahan Completed
National Training Product Reform Ruth Schubert Completed
Pathways and Programs Project Associate Professor Lessa Wheelahan Completed
Profiling Institutional Diversity across the Australian VET Sector Ruth Schubert Completed
Rethinking Skills in VET: From Competencies to Capabilities Associate Professor Leesa Wheelahan Completed
Strengths and Benefits of the Victorian TAFE Model Ruth Schubert Completed
Study on the Quality of Teaching in VET Dr Nick Fredman Completed
The Changing Academic Profession Professor Leo Goedegebuure Completed
VET Leadership Capability Study Associate Professor Hamish Coates Completed
VET Leadership for the Future: Contexts, Characteristics & Capabilities Professor V. Lynn Meek Completed
Vocations: the link between post-compulsory education and the labour market Ruth Schubert Completed