Vishnupriya (Priya) Singh


Priya has been an extremely valuable member of the Continuous Team since joining the University about 12 months back. Priya brings a wealth of technology skills, soft skills which are crucial when working in today’s environment where technology underpins most of the processes and some level of change resistance. She is excellent when it comes to bringing people on a journey and getting the best out of them. Priya successfully combines these skills with her exceptional project management skills to deliver on projects across multiple Academic Divisions across the University. Priya is a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner which is still relatively new to the University but her approach to make the complex simple gives her a winning edge.

Workshop details

Process Mining: What's my real process? (co-presented with Murtuza (Matty) Kapadia)

Process Mining offers objective, fact-based insights derived from actual events that help institutions audit, analyse and improve existing business processes by answering both compliance related and performance related questions.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of this novel approach to business process management, which puts a shift from ‘confidence-based’ to ‘evidence based’ business process management (BMP). It will also give participants an opportunity for a hands-on introduction to emerging areas of BMP.

This will be followed by a real-life example from the University of Melbourne where this has been implemented and the benefits it can bring to other organisations will be shared. It is a relatively new discipline which has its grass roots in the education sector and even though it is now more widely used by the corporate sector, the benefits to the education sector are significant.Shriya