Murtuza (Matty) Kapadia


Matty has worked in the continuous improvement space for past 7 years across Financial Services and Higher Education sector. As leading the Continuous Improvement team at Melbourne University has been truly able to embed the ethos of University is where learning happens and not only in the class room. Together with his team Matty has been able to roll out a number of initiatives that stem outside of your traditional process improvement but more along the lines of creating a culture of continuous improvement and focusing on that capability uplift. Matty has also been able to develop successful partnerships with Academic Staff across the university to deliver better student experience as well as leverage the great research that comes out of university.

Workshop details

Process Mining: What's my real process? (co-presented with Vishnupriya (Priya) Singh)

Process Mining offers objective, fact-based insights derived from actual events that help institutions audit, analyse and improve existing business processes by answering both compliance related and performance related questions.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of this novel approach to business process management, which puts a shift from ‘confidence-based’ to ‘evidence based’ business process management (BMP). It will also give participants an opportunity for a hands-on introduction to emerging areas of BMP.

This will be followed by a real-life example from the University of Melbourne where this has been implemented and the benefits it can bring to other organisations will be shared. It is a relatively new discipline which has its grass roots in the education sector and even though it is now more widely used by the corporate sector, the benefits to the education sector are significant.