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Myron Yovannidis

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Do you have a radical idea for solving some of the more challenging problems you see either within your tertiary education institution or across the sector as a whole? As part of this year’s conference LHMI are interested in hearing from you in the form of a formal pitch on innovation and improvements that you have identified. Ideally these problems would relate directly to the themes of the conference (see below), but if you have noticed a burning need elsewhere, don’t hold back as we are also interested in hearing your ideas more broadly.

You will be given 5 minutes to pitch your idea at the conference followed by a 5-minute Q&A from the judges and the delegates.

The winning pitch will receive a unit of your choosing from the Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance or the Master of Tertiary Education Management (excluding the capstone unit) from the University of Melbourne valued at a maximum of $3,000, to be used in 2020.

For your chance to take part, please submit your idea by downloading the submission form and submitting your pitch no later than Friday 4 October.

For more information, or to submit your pitch, please email

Proposed pitches will be forwarded to the Steering Committee for consideration and all potential contributors will be contacted after the submissions closing date regarding their proposal.

Conference Themes

1. Institutional Learning Across Boundaries
2. Modelling Collaboration for Impact
3. Keeping on Track (and not losing the plot)

Helpful Hints

1. Keep your pitch simple. Clearly and quickly outline your idea.
2. Manage the timing of your pitch. You don’t want to be too long, or too short.
3. Tell your story.
Create something that is memorable and uniquely singular to your pitch.
4. Stay focused. Make sure that its core elements are clearly developed and emphasized to avoid getting lost in irrelevant tangents
5. Convey the unique value of your pitch. Demonstrate how your idea can solve a specific problem in a way that no other idea can match.
6. Be prepared to support any claims. Any assertions you make in your presentation need to have adequate support.
7. Be passionate and enthusiastic about your idea. Get out of your comfort zone and look to increase your natural energy level while presenting.
8. Make sure you have a strong close.
The conclusion of your pitch should contain a brief, clear summary of your argument as to why we should back your idea.