Set your challenges

Think about the last conference, workshop or seminar you attended:

  • Did you make notes and never look at them again?
  • Collect business cards from people you can’t remember?
  • Find a great idea, and did nothing with it?

If you answered yes to more than one of those questions, setting some pre-conference goals and challenges can help you become a more effective conference participant. Having clearly defined problems to solve, or goals to meet will keep you focussed, help you take better notes, listen for ideas and transform these ideas into actions.


  • What ‘wicked problem’ is my organisation currently facing?
  • What is one key idea, solution or tool my organisation could benefit from?
  • What potential partnership or collaboration is my organisation currently looking for?


  • What topic am I particularly interested in learning about?
  • What is one key message, idea, solution or tool I hope to take back to my work?
  • Who am I hoping to meet? A peer in a similar role, a mentor, a soundboard?

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