Service Improvement Team

About the team:

The Service Improvement team was established to support academic divisions and professional staff portfolios to identify and implement business improvements. The team has two specialty arms: a continuous improvement consultancy and a robotics process automation (RPA) development group. The team works with project groups across faculties and divisions looking at process improvements in a range of areas including admissions, recruitment, student grading and financial operations. Drawing on the DMAIC model, developing fit-for-purpose approaches and change management methodologies, the Service Improvement team brings real-world examples to life, illustrating how theory translates into practice in the complex higher education environment.

Workshop Friday 26 October, 11am - 12:30pm

How to visualise work to gain clarity, consensus and eliminate waste

Value Stream mapping (VSM) is a tool used to visually represent the flow of all elements of a process.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to run their own VSM workshop which identifies when a process flows, work happens steadily, and resources meet demand and when a process does not flow, work builds up, creating peaks and troughs of activity and resources do not meet demand.

Learning outcomes of this workshop are as below:

  • Customer, scope, objective
  • Identify where the process ends
  • Work backwards mapping out each step of the process
  • Value analysis
  • 8 types of waste (SI)
  • Identify types of waste
  • Estimate time taken per step
  • Calculate process efficiency
  • Identify owner of each step
  • Identify systems involved in each step
  • Review complete VSM
  • Review Pain points

Participants will also receive take home artefacts.


Matty Kapadia, Manager, Continuous Improvement, University of Melbourne

Rochelle Sullivan, Continuous Improvement Specialist, University of Melbourne

Other Sessions:

Peer led breakout: Raising the Bar – closing the gap from admission to offer for the Melbourne Law School

Thursday 25 October, 2:20pm-2:50pm