Naomi Dempsey

About Naomi:

MEd (VicMelb), GradCert Educational Leadership (VicMelb)

Naomi Dempsey is an executive leader with over 20 years of management experience in business development, commercial services, customer engagement, learning and development and stakeholder relations. She has experience across the higher education, vocational education and sport/recreation sectors and is a proud member of the VU Alumni community.

Since joining Victoria University (VU) in 2013, Naomi has been passionate about transforming the student experience.

She has been leading VU’s development of a contemporary and agile customer service and engagement framework across multiple service channels. Gaining a deeper understanding of our customer's journey has helped to improve services. Focussing on the student experience, at all stages of the lifecycle, and introducing new digital technologies enables VU to improve acquisition, conversion, engagement and retention.

Naomi’s portfolio is responsible for Student Services, which delivers a range of services for domestic and international students studying vocational or higher education at VU.

Workshop Friday 26 October, 11am - 12:30pm

Digital Disruption: consumer-first thinking as a catalyst for change

In 2017 VU embarked on one of their most ambitious projects ever to fundamentally change the way students experience their enrolment, onboarding and study. A series of projects were initiated to improve the experience including the Digital Student Experience and The Block Model of learning and teaching.

This session will present the case studies for these two projects and their dependencies that enabled VU to successfully transform the student experience for the 2018 intake – from application to study. Participants will learn the opportunities, challenges and traps that these projects presented and will also have the opportunity to undertake their own consumer-first thinking workshop activity to begin designing an approach to their own unique problem.

Co-Facilitator: Berry Driessen, Director, The Experience Centre, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)