Councillor Jackie Watts

Dr Jackie Watts has been a resident of Melbourne’s inner suburbs for over 35 years and of Carlton for more than 15 years. Jackie holds a Doctorate in Education (RMIT), postgraduate qualifications in Teaching and Librarianship (University of Melbourne) and a Bachelor of Arts (La Trobe University).

Jackie is Chair of the Council Knowledge City Portfolio and Deputy Chair of the People City Portfolio and is a staunch advocate for gender equity in the local government.

Her areas of professional expertise include secondary and tertiary education, librarianship, research, vocational training and professional development, commerce (small and medium enterprises) and community activism. She has experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, on and offshore.

Jackie has a history of community activism, advocating on behalf of residents and ratepayers through her work as Convener with the Carlton Residents Association, CoRBA-Melbourne (Coalition of Resident and Business Associations).

Prior to joining Council in July 2011 Jackie volunteered with the Office of the Public Advocate in the Independent Third Person Program and the Prison Disciplinary Program. In the past Jackie has participated in social empowerment programs such as the Equity Research Centre, Social Inclusion Program, Church of All Nations Carlton, Timor Leste Training Network, Uniting Church Foster Parenting Program and is a long term supporter of Foster Parents’ Plan Australia.

Jackie has many cultural interests including classical music, art and dance. She is an advocate for the preservation of social and architectural heritage and has a particular interest in Myanmar through the Australia Myanmar Institute and is coordinating a heritage preservation project in Yangon in collaboration with the Yangon Heritage Trust.