The LH Martin Institute was established in 2007 to serve and support the needs of the higher and vocational education sectors.

Situated within the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education,  the Institute works to help leaders and managers in the higher and vocational education sectors broaden their understanding of dynamic workplace and policy contexts through the delivery of courses and professional development programs; the advancement of knowledge through research; and facilitating knowledge exchange through events and conferences.

The Institute is renowned for its unique suite of courses and training programs, which are tailored to meet the needs of the higher and vocational education sectors and are:

  • led and delivered by leaders and practitioners from the higher and vocational education sectors
  • contextualised to the higher and vocational education sectors
  • practical and related to situations participants encounter in their workplaces
  • informed by the latest research and resources on the tertiary education sector
Postera Crescam Laude


We aim to develop more effective governance, leadership and management capacity in tertiary sector institutions, so that institutions may fulfil their missions more successfully.


To be recognised nationally and internationally as a leading centre of teaching and research excellence for the enhancement of tertiary education leadership and management.

Our People

Professor Sir Leslie Harold Martin (1900-1983)

Sir Leslie Martin was an eminent physicist who became a key higher education adviser to the Menzies government.

He was Lecturer and Associate Professor in Natural Philosophy, and then Professor of Physics at the University of Melbourne (1927-1959). After leaving the University of Melbourne in 1959, he became Chairman of the Australian Universities Commission, a position he held until 1966.