The Business of Being a Writer

professional development

Room G01 Ground Floor, Elisabeth Murdoch Building (Building 134), University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus


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Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

T: +61 3 8344 4605

This workshop is for Staff at the University of Melbourne only.

Writing is both art and craft – you need to be able to present your ideas dramatically and imaginatively, but you also need to be a successful small business person. Essentially, beautifully crafted words on the paper are all well and good, but if you can’t sell them to someone, a client, then you’re wasting your time.

This workshop showcases the nuts and bolts of the life of a commercial writer and looks at identifying publications to pitch your work to, how to pitch pieces for publication and how to maintain and develop professional relationships.

Presented by Mr Simon Clews, Director, Melbourne Engagement Lab, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

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