The Teaching and Learning Summit 2020 was a two-day forum held on 24-25 November on the theme “A new blended approach? Optimising the best of online and face-to-face learning.” Presenters considered how online learning might open up opportunities that are not possible on campus and can encourage teaching staff to think about education in new ways. Keynote speakers, Professor Diana Laurillard and Professor Richard James, spoke about opportunity and change in teaching and learning post-pandemic, while other University of Melbourne academic staff presented on the topics of assessment, student engagement and teacher-student interaction.

Keynote presentations

New opportunities for higher education with blended and online learning designs


Panel response to Professor Diana Laurillard's keynote presentation

Crystal-ball gazing: Teaching and learning in the higher education sector and the University of Melbourne post-COVID-19

Presentations on student engagement and teacher-student interaction

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Presentations on assessment

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Panel on the strategic role of teaching and learning in Advancing Melbourne