Day 1: Tuesday 24 November


10:00am-10:05amWelcome and introduction
Professor William Locke, Melbourne CSHE
10:05am-10:30amKeynote presentation:
New opportunities for higher education with blended and online learning designs
Professor Diana Laurillard, UCL Knowledge Lab
10:30am-11:00amPanel response to keynote presentation
Chair: Professor William Locke, Melbourne CSHE

*Professor Angela Paladino (Faculty of Business and Economics)
*Professor Gregor Kennedy (Chancellery)
*Joshua Munro (Student representative)
11:00am-12:00pmFour presentations on Student engagement and teacher-student interaction
Chair: Dr Elisa Bone, Melbourne CSHE 

*Dr Jenny Martin (Faculty of Science)
*Associate Professor Gavin Buskes (Melbourne School of Engineering)
*Dr Joshua Pocius (Faculty of Arts)
*Dr Michal Carrington (Faculty of Business and Economics)

Day 2: Wednesday 25 November


2:00pm-2:30pmKeynote presentation:
Crystal-ball gazing: Teaching and learning in the higher education sector and the University of Melbourne post-COVID-19 
Professor Richard James, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Undergraduate)
Chair: Associate Professor Chi Baik, Melbourne CSHE 
2:30pm-3:30pmFour presentations on Assessment
Chair: Associate Professor Karena Waller, Melbourne CSHE 

*Dr Charles Sevigny (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)
*Professor Katy Barnett (Melbourne Law School)
*Dr Stuart Barber (Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences)
*Associate Professor Kate Tregloan (Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning)
3:30pm-4:00pmPanel on the strategic role of teaching and learning in Advancing Melbourne
Chair: Professor William Locke, Melbourne CSHE 

*Professor Marilys Guillemin (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)
*Associate Professor Kate MacNeill (Faculty of Arts)
*Professor Jamie Evans (Melbourne School of Engineering)