Reconfiguring Knowledge in Higher Education

G01, Elisabeth Murdoch Building

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Melbourne CSHE

Changing pressures, directions and practices in relation to knowledge pose challenges for universities today. Policy reforms and concerns with national economic competitiveness; changed technologies; preparation of professionals for different kinds of knowledge-intensive work practices; more traditional knowledge objectives of universities in roles of enlightenment and discovery are all part of the current scene. This panel discusses insights into the forms of these changes and university responses emerging from two recent national research projects in Australia and Norway now published in two new books. The projects give attention to the interaction of ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ agendas and to ways such issues as the dual demand for ‘excellence’ and ‘impact’ and for moves to online teaching are reconfiguring knowledge practices today.

Lyn Yates, Peter Woelert, Victoria Millar, Kate O’Connor with a response from Prof Lesley Farrell, past Dean of MGSE.

Announcing two new books:

Maassen, P., Nerland, M., Yates, L., Eds. (2018). Reconfiguring Knowledge in Higher Education. Springer International Publishing.

Yates, L., Woelert, P., Millar, V., & O'Connor, K. (2017). Knowledge at the Crossroads? Physics and history in the changing world of schools and universities. Singapore: Springer.

About the speakers:

Lyn Yates is Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor of Curriculum, MGSE. Her interests are in education and social change
Peter Woelert is Senior Lecturer in Education, MGSE. His research interests are in governance and organizational dynamics in the contemporary university.
Victoria Millar is Senior Lecturer in Science Education, MGSE with interests in changing forms of science and science education.
Kate O’Connor is Postdoctoral Fellow in the sociology and history of education following her doctoral thesis on knowledge and new forms of online learning.