Pitching to Book Publishers - Pitching Session

Melbourne Engagement Lab (open)

Room G01 Ground Floor, Elisabeth Murdoch Building (Building 134), University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus


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Myron Yovannidis


T: +61 3 8344 2116

This two part series is open to both Staff and students at the University of Melbourne.

The second of this two-part workshop offers the opportunity for you to pitch your idea for commercial books to publishers, editors and literary agents. In the first session, your ideas will be refined and developed and how to put together an effective book proposal will be explored. In the second session, you will present a summary of your book proposal to a panel of non-fiction editors and publishers from commercial publishing houses who will give constructive feedback to participants.

Please note, registration for this session is no longer available as the first part of this workshop, Pitching to Book Publishers – Preparatory Session., has taken place.

Presented by Mr Simon Clews, Director, Melbourne Engagement Lab, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education