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Room G01 Ground Floor, Elisabeth Murdoch Building (Building 134), University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus


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Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

T: +61 3 8344 4605

This workshop is for Staff at the University of Melbourne only.

Thesis to book is long gone, but the options to tell your exciting research stories to the world are still out there if you know what you’re doing. Enter research to book!

In the commercial publishing world, the days of a simple conversion of your research into a book well and truly belong in the history books. Even academic presses are looking for commercially-savvy writers with a ‘platform’ who can deliver sales in the thousands, not the hundreds. But the market is definitely still strong - ideas-based non-fiction is still selling well.

This workshop will help you analyse your research to find the best-selling book that is hiding in there and then work out how best to pitch it to a publisher and increase your chances of securing that elusive publishing contract.

Presented by Mr Simon Clews, Director, Melbourne Engagement Lab, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

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