In conversation with FlexAP subject coordinators

Plenary: Professor Raoul Mulder in conversation with FlexAP subject coordinators

Professor Raoul Mulder
Faculty of Science

In 2021, Raoul was the newly appointed lead for Melbourne CSHE’s contribution to the University’s Flexible Academic Programming (FlexAP) initiative. In this webinar, he lead the discussion with subject coordinators, Wayne Coetzee, Rachel Colla and Lara Mossman, who have been involved in some of the successful early projects.

This Zoom webinar was part of the Teaching and Learning Conference 2021.


Lara Mossman

Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Lara holds a BSc (Hons) in Philosophy with Computing, a Master of Arts in Philosophy with Historical Studies, and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP). She is a Lecturer at the University of Melbourne, teaching into the undergraduate breadth and postgraduate programs run through the Centre for Wellbeing Science. She is an innovative curriculum designer, playing key roles in the design and redevelopment of numerous subjects in the Centre. Lara has also developed an online training program for youth football coaches as part of her PhD research. Lara writes for the Player Development Project and Football Federation Victoria’s Coaching Resource website.

Rachel Colla

Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Rachel (MPsych, MAPP) is a dual recipient of the MGSE teaching excellence awards in both innovation in learning design and inspiring students to learn. She has been teaching wellbeing science in higher education, business, and sporting contexts for nearly two decades, focusing on the nexus between research and practice. Prior to her work in organisational settings, Rachel worked as a psychologist in the education sector, promoting flourishing for individuals managing psychological distress and mental illness.  She teaches into the undergraduate breadth subjects, Professional Certificates and Masters of Applied Positive Psychology programs run through the Centre for Wellbeing Science.  Her current research focuses on a systems approach to hope theory and purpose, as well as building wellbeing through learning design and pedagogy.

Wayne Coetzee
Wayne Coetzee

Faculty of Business and Economics
Wayne is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Accounting, and is focused on creating authentic teaching and learning practice for students. Wayne was the recipient of the Faculty of Business and Economics 2020 Deans Award for Excellence in Teaching and has been with the University of Melbourne since June 2019.