It's not just maths: Setting the standard for engineering writing

It's not just maths: setting the standard for engineering writing

Dr Philip MacKinnon and Dr Elisa Lumantarna
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

What constitutes effective communication, and do engineering graduates meet that standard?

Two questionnaires were constructed in Qualtrics to allow assessment of writing samples by industry personnel. Respondents were asked to rate each sample for writing quality and were then asked to respond in detail as to why they had given their rating. Two common forms of engineering writing were evaluated: executive summaries for a short technical report and student e-mails to industry employers.

We presented our findings for review to a reference panel of 13 Faculty staff members and a representative from Academic Skills. The outcome is a collection of industry-evaluated samples of writing which can be used for teaching and learning purposes. To that end, we are developing an online written communication module intended for students within the Faculty.

This Zoom presentation was part of the Melbourne CSHE Teaching and Learning Conference 2021 held on Tuesday 1 June 2021.