Engagement research and academic careers: Four dilemmas and some possibilities (online)

Spotlight on Engagement Series

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This Zoom webinar is part of the Spotlight on Engagement Series.

Engagement work has typically been a relatively small component of academic work (Grattan Institute, 2018), with a weak understanding among academics of what constitutes engagement, and a perception that engagement work is not associated with academic progression (Abuzar et al., 2015). Undertaking engagement research through commissioned projects and translating this into strong career outcomes presents academics with a set of challenges not typically encountered when undertaking grant-based research. This presentation outlines four dilemmas researchers confront in linking commissioned research into an academic career trajectory, and suggests some possibilities for addressing these issues.

Associate Professor Suzanne Rice is Deputy Director of the Assessment Research Centre and the Associate Dean (Engagement) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. She has extensive experience in conducting research for government and non-government bodies, and has authored or co-authored 29 reports to Australian departments of education, chambers of commerce, and universities.

Presented by Dr Siew Fang Law, Engagement, Collaboration and Partnerships initiatives at Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.