Seminar: Teaching International Students

Professional development

Room G01, Ground Floor, Elisabeth Murdoch Building, University of Melourne, Parkville


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Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

T: 03 8344 4605

Undertaking a practical skills-based science communication subject is challenging for all students. The way we all become more engaging and effective communicators is to practice speaking in front of other people and to share our written work, both of which can be confronting. Becoming a skilled science communicator also requires students to develop a good understanding of their audience and how the nuances of language makes their research more or less accessible for different audiences. There’s no question this is particularly challenging for International students.

Jen will discuss some approaches she has taken to try and help International - and all students - to thrive as they develop their communication skills.

Shanton will talk about some of the challenges from the students perspectives in terms of adjustments to studies in Australia. In addition, there will be opportunities to discuss what are some strategies for teaching and mentoring students in this space.


Associate Professor Shanton Chang is Associate Dean (International) in the Melbourne School of Engineering. He has won a number of awards recognising his mentoring role of students at local, Uni and National levels. He likes to challenge his students to think outside the box in their own learnings. Shanton has also had significant experience running workshops on teaching across diverse classrooms.

Dr Jen Martin spent many years studying the social and mating behaviour of possums among other ecological and zoological questions. But her real passion is the world of science communication: Jen founded, designed and leads the University of Melbourne's Science Communication Teaching Program. She is a Teaching Specialist deeply committed to ensuring science students learn the communication skills they need in order to share their science with a variety of audiences and have successful careers. In addition to teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate science communication subjects, she talks about science on 3RRR radio shows Breakfasters (7:45am every Wednesday) and Einstein-a-go-go (11am Sundays) and is involved with various other science communication endeavours. Jen tweets from @scidocmartin, blogs at and also writes for CSIRO's Double Helix Magazine