2020 Grand Final

Videos of the 2020 University of Melbourne 3MT®
winners and finalists

Winner and People's Choice:
Carmen Glanville - Transforming lives: Pets and people

Runner Up: Ashton Dickerson - Bright lights, restless nights?


Rahul Barmanray - Glucose in hospital: Riding the sugar-coaster

Janice Mui - The sulfoquinovose diet: Metabolic changes guaranteed!

Marijke Mitchell - Reducing behaviour
emergencies in autistic children

Marina Župan - An unwanted houseguest

Volkan Uzungil - A rapid solution for the blues

Sarah McColl-Gausden - Changing fire, changing climate:
Predicting our future

Janan Arslan - Artificial intelligence:
Bringing back your visual perception

Samantha Davis - Fighting HIV: Good cop/Bad cop