2014 Winners

David White Award for Teaching Excellence

Associate Professor Michael Pyman - Faculty of Veterinary Science

For the wide-ranging and internationally recognised impact of his Dairy Resident Program, the transformative impact of his teaching of cattle medicine to undergraduates, and his dairy industry achievements which he uses to enhance his teaching.

Edward Brown Award for Teaching Excellence

Associate Professor Andrea O’Connor - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering

For outstanding teaching that motivates and inspires students, and ensures that their learning is focused on the latest exciting developments in the field. In particular the development of a pioneering new subject ‘Tissue Engineering’ has been a resounding success, and is testament to Associate Professor O’Connor’s skills not only in teaching, but also in curriculum design and development.

Award for Outstanding Leadership of University Teaching

Associate Professor Elizabeth Tudor - Faculty of Veterinary Science

For outstanding leadership in the development, design and delivery of the new graduate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program in the Veterinary Faculty.


Professor Ian Malkin - Melbourne Law School

For outstanding leadership in a wide range of capacities including his roles as: director of the JD program, inaugural Director of the Office for Teaching and Learning in Law, Associate Dean LLB, architect of the JD degree’s fundamental structure and creator/coordinator of JD students’ foundational subject, Legal Method and Reasoning, and member of the Curriculum Commission.

Award for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Supervision

Associate Professor Andrew Melatos - School of Physics, Faculty of Science

For his supervision that gives graduates superb technical and communication skills, mature research judgment, and broad scientific networks. Associate Professor Melatos has assisted students in forging careers inside and outside research, from international postdoctoral fellowships in physics to sought-after jobs in industry and government.

Patricia Grimshaw Awards for Mentor Excellence

Professor Geoff Stevens - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering

For his dedicated mentorship of staff and students at the institution that has led to them having successful careers both inside and outside of academia. Geoff’s mentoring has been a key factor for numerous young engineers in building confidence, developing networks and setting career directions. He encourages collaborations and regularly opens opportunities for younger staff and students.

Award for Excellence and Innovation in Indigenous Higher Education

Professor Ian Williamson and Dr Michelle Evans

For the development and implementation of the MURRA Indigenous Master Class Program. This innovative program aims to enhance Indigenous economic outcomes by supporting the development of successful Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs.

Norman Curry Award for Innovation and Excellence in Educational Programs

FSAE Program Team - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering

For the development of an innovative, entertaining, and program that relates students to industry and other affiliates and puts them in charge of the development of a racecar. This innovative program gives students a level of autonomy in terms of technical direction, as well as team management, finance, and structure.

Gerry Baretto Awards for Outstanding Student Services

MBS@ Berkeley Student Centre Team

For providing the highest standard of student service delivery and support including a targeted program of orientation and transition, ongoing course advice and a comprehensive suite of academic enrichment, careers services and professional development opportunities.


Science Student Centre Team

For providing comprehensive services to a large and diverse group of students. Further, for demonstrating their commitment to continually improving service to students and stakeholders, and to embracing new opportunities for collaboration and developing new initiatives.

Barbara Falk Award for Teaching Excellence

Not awarded.