Excellence in Engagement - Public Value Award

Recognising exemplary engagement through response to communities of interest beyond the academy and creatively applying academic resources to create public value.

This award recognises initiatives and staff members that demonstrably enrich the intellectual, cultural, social and economic life of wider society through the academic enterprise. This award particularly recognises exemplary engagement: how applicants have responded to, and influenced, communities of interest beyond the academy, and creatively applied academic resources to create public value. Evidence of the impact and how it has furthered the strategic priorities of the University must also be shown.

How to apply

Honour Roll

  • 2016

    Professor Joseph Lo Bianco, Language and Literacy Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education (1 of 2 recipients)
    Dr Katherine Mack, Physics, Faculty of Science (2 of 2 recipients) Accepted on behalf by Janet Hergt

  • 2015

    Associate Professor Andrew Robinson

    Faculty of Science

    For work with the federal Department of Agriculture and New Zealand's Ministry for Primary Industries to help protect Australia and New Zealand's ecosystems, economies, and agriculture from the effects of invasive species.