Professor Sophie Arkoudis

PhD, MEd, Dip Ed, BA

2012 Office for Learning and Teaching National Senior Teaching Fellow

Associate Director and Professor in Higher Education

Melbourne CSHE

Sophie Arkoudis is Associate Director of the Melbourne CSHE and a Professor in Higher Education at the University of Melbourne.  She is a national and international researcher in higher education.  Her research program spans English language teaching and assessment in higher education, student employability, quality of teaching and learning, academic workforce and internationalising the curriculum. Sophie is currently co-director of an Office for Learning and Teaching Strategic Priority Commissioned project on strengthening the evidence-base for communication skills in higher education.

Sophie has published widely in the area of English language education. She has presented keynotes both nationally and internationally on her research into language and disciplinary teaching, English language standards, international students in higher education and English language development. She has supervised 17 research higher degree students to successful completion.

Selection of recent publications

Books and monographs

Baik, C., Naylor, R. & Arkoudis, S. (2015) The first year experience in Australian universities: Findings from two decades, 1994-2014. Melbourne: Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, ISBN: 9780992297480.

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Wheelahan, L., Arkoudis, S., Moodie, G., Fredman, N. and Bexley, E. (2012) Shaken not stirred?  The Development of One Tertiary Education sector in Australia. NCVER.

Journal articles and book chapters

Arkoudis, S. & Doughney, L. (2016) Improving English language learning outcomes in Australian universities: Some critical issues (297-314).  In Ng, C., Fox, B. and Nakano, M. (eds.) Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects. Springer

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Book  length research reports

Bexley, E., Daroesman, S., Arkoudis, S. & James, R. (2013). University student finances in 2012: A study of the financial circumstances of domestic and international students in Australia's universities. Canberra: Universities Australia.

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