Dr Gwilym Croucher

Senior Lecturer

Melbourne CSHE

Gwil's expertise is in higher education and research policy. He is a regular commentator on higher education in the media.

Dr Gwilym Croucher is a Senior Lecturer in the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, as well as a Principal Policy Adviser in the University of Melbourne’s Chancellery. He has expertise in higher education and research policy drawing on his research focus on the funding and financing of universities, in particular Australia.

He is the 2017-18 Fulbright Victorian Postdoctoral Scholar for which he is a visiting researcher at the University of California Berkeley’s Center for Studies in Higher Education in the Goldman School of Public Policy.

Gwilym is currently a Chief Investigator on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant examining the origins and history of current higher education policy in Australia and the creation of what is known as the ‘unified national system’ of higher education

He is currently a principal investigator, along with colleagues at University of California, Davis on a project analyzing interviews with over one hundred leaders and policy experts in Australian higher education.  He is an investigator on an Australian Government Office of Learning and Teaching grant examining the future of the doctoral study in Australia.

Gwilym has authored and edited research volumes on higher education, as well as refereed journal articles and conference proceedings on higher education policy and other areas of public policy.

He has policy development and advocacy experience, particularly in higher education policy. Gwilym is a regular media commentator on higher education, regularly publishes on The Conversation and has been an invited expert witness to Australian parliamentary inquires. He has previously worked as a researcher and lecturer in policy and political studies, as well as holding administrative positions in higher education.