Associate Professor Chi Baik

B.Comm, B. Teaching (Hons), M.Ed, D.Ed (Melb)

Associate Professor in Higher Education

Melbourne CSHE

Chi is an Associate Professor in higher education. Her research examines factors affecting the experiences and educational outcomes of diverse students in contemporary higher education. She has led major studies that have contributed to informing institutional policies and practices including national projects on the first year experience, student mental wellbeing,  internationalisation of the curriculum, and the academic workforce. She has also conducted numerous studies on aspects of university teaching and learning including assessment of student learning, peer and collaborative learning, and interdisciplinary curriculum design. She has been the recipient or co-recipient of over $2.1 million in research and development grants, including 6 nationally competitive grants.

Much of Chi’s work at the MCSHE focuses on the development of programs and resources to promote and recognise effective university teaching and to improve the quality of student learning. She currently coordinates the MCSHE’s suite of professional development activities in teaching and learning for academic staff including the University’s Graduate Certificate in University Teaching (GCUT).


Journal articles and book chapters

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Books, monographs and book-length research reports

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Other publications

Baik, C. (2016, 2013). The Melbourne Sessional Teachers’ Handbook: Advice and Strategies for University teaching, Centre for the Study of Higher Education, the University of Melbourne.

Naylor, R.,Baik, C.,Asmar,C. Watty, K. (2013). Good feedback practices: prompts and guidelines for reviewing and enhancing feedback for students, Centre for the Study of Higher Education, Melbourne.

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Ransom, L., Larcombe, W. & Baik, C. (2005). English language needs and support: International - ESL students' perceptions and expectations, Refereed Proceedings of the 16th ISANA International Conference (CD-ROM), Christchurch, New Zealand.



Dina Uzhegova, Internationalisation of higher education in Russia: Looking East (PhD, 2019)
Salita Seedokmai, Harmonisation of higher education systems in ASEAN: An analysis of drivers and impediments (PhD, 2018)
Norazah Abdul-Aziz, Internationalisation and the development of intercultural competence in Malaysian higher education (PhD, 2017)
Valerie Cotronei-Baird, Employability in the Business curriculum (PhD, 2017)
Douglas Proctor, Academic staff and international engagement in Australian higher education (PhD, 2016)
Quyen Do, Benchmarking as a quality assurance tool in higher education (PhD, 2016)
Yuan Gao, Indicators for Internationalising the student experience (PhD, 2015)
EunYoung Kyung, Asia’s new regionalism in higher education: CAMPUS Asia (PhD, 2015)
Joan Greig, Implementing interdisciplinarity in an undergraduate curriculum (D.Ed, 2012)
Victoria Millar, The structuring of knowledge for interdisciplinary teaching in higher education (PhD, 2011)

Current supervisions

Jiadi Cai, Interaction among diverse student groups (PhD)
Lucy Miceli, Student experiences of collaborative group projects in higher education (PhD)
Peter Sorenson, Visual Imagery in International students’ choices of universities (PhD)
Samantha Marangell, Social integration of international students in Australian universities (PhD)
Jo Russell, Student attitudes towards learning and approaches to prepare lifelong learners (PhD)
Claudia Rivera, The first year experience in Chilean Higher Education (PhD)
Amanda Carr, Examining the changing BA Curriculum (D.Ed)
Thomas Matthew, Factors affecting employability of postgraduate nursing students (D.Ed)