Professor Vin Massaro

Honorary Professorial Fellow

Melbourne CSHE

Professor Vin Massaro was educated at Morwell High School and Monash University, where he graduated with a BA and PhD.

Professor Vin Massaro was educated at Morwell High School and Monash University, where he graduated with a BA and PhD.  He has held several senior positions in educational management and policy in universities and government, and as a consultant and adviser in Australia and internationally. He has also been Chairman and a member of several company boards, and is currently a member of the Board of Northern Health, one of the Victorian Metropolitan Health Regions.

Vin is currently Managing Director of Massaro Consulting, specialising in higher education and health workforce projects. He is also a Professorial Fellow in the LH Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management at the University of Melbourne, and in the Australian Health Workforce Institute, a joint Institute of the universities of Melbourne and Queensland. He is a Senior Associate of the Eidos Institute.
He is Editor of the OECD's Journal, Higher Education Management and Policy.

Vin has been Executive Dean of the School of International Development at Melbourne University Private, Chief Executive of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, inaugural Chief Executive of the Victorian State Board of Education, and Director of Administration and Registrar at Flinders University. He has held senior positions at Latrobe University, the Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences and the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee. He has also been a consultant on higher education to the OECD and an adviser to several governments.

Vin has an Honorary Fellowship of ATEM and has held several elected positions in the organisation, including as President (1989-1992), Vice-President in 1980 and 1988 and Victorian Branch President (1998-1999).
His research interests are in higher education policy and management, with particular emphasis on quality assurance and governance, and he has published widely on these topics. He was Founding Editor of the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, and continues as a member of the Journal's Editorial Board.

Selected publications

Massaro, V. Review of Merilee S. Grimble Despite All Odds: The Contentious Politics of Education Reform. In Asia-Pacific Development Review 2.2, March 2005, p. 56.

Massaro, V.  "Higher Education in the Aftermath of the Bradley Review: A Critical Reflection", Australasian Journal of Community Engagement, Vol 3. No 1, Autumn 2009, 28-44.

Massaro, V. "Cui bono? - The Relevance and Impact of Quality Assurance", Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 32.1 (2010), 17–26.Massaro, V. (ed) Journal of Higher Education Management and Policy (OECD, 2009-)

Contributions to joint reports

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Medical Indemnity and Tort Law Reform – An Alternative Structure. Melbourne, 2002.  Principal Author.

Massaro, V. & Perry, L. Study of the Regulatory Framework for Private Higher Education Institutions in the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Bahrain. Department of Education, Science and Training, Canberra, 2005.

Invited papers and addresses

"The Accreditation of Specialist Medical Colleges – the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons".  Keynote Address to the Australian Medical Council Workshop on Accreditation.  Sydney, 12-13 September 2001.

"Establishing International Research Collaboration Programmes".  Keynote Address to the Italian-Australian Technological and Innovations Conference and Exhibition.  Melbourne, 25-28 March 2002.

"Managing Consultants – the Chief Executive and the Consultant". Invited Address to the Australian Institute of Management Consultants. Melbourne, 11 June 2003.

"Professional Accreditation and Audit". Paper delivered to the Australian Universities Quality Forum. Melbourne, 11-13 June 2003.

"Thinking and Operating in a Commercial Framework".  Address to Conference: "College and University Marketing in Support of the Academic Mission".  Sydney, 28-29 June 2004 (reported in Australian Financial Review 5 July 2004).

"Adaptation or Irrelevance - New Context and New Responsibilities". Response to Keynote Address, OECD/IMHE General Conference.  Paris, 13-15 September 2004.

"Curriculum Models for the 21st Century: The Melbourne Model".  Address to the New Zealand Universities Quality Enhancement Meeting 12.  Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand, 13-14 September 2007.

"Cui bono? - The Relevance and Impact of Quality Assurance".  Address to the OECD/IMHE General Conference.  Paris, 8-10 September 2008.

"A New Start for Policy and Funding".  Address to the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Conference, Sydney, 9-10 March 2009.

"Higher Education and the Outcomes of the Bradley Review: The Implications of the Government's Budget Response".  Keynote Address to the ATEM Central Region Annual Conference, Adelaide, 20 May 2009.

"How goes the Revolution? – Targets, Funding, Compacts and Regulation".  Address to the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Conference, Sydney, 8-9 June 2010.

"A Tale of Two Countries: Higher Education and Economic Recovery in Ireland and Australia."  Address to the OECD/IMHE General Conference.  Paris, 13-15 September 2010. (With Ellen Hazelkorn.)

Invited newspaper commentaries

"Indemnity Still on the Critical List", The Australian, 2-3 November 2002.  (Opinion column on the government's proposed solution to the medical indemnity insurance problem.)

"Diversity must be rewarded", The Australian, 16 July 2003.  (Invited Opinion column on the government's proposed changes to Higher Education.)

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