Teaching in practice

Sessional Teachers Handbook 

The Melbourne Sessional Teachers' Handbook (2016)

This handbook has been prepared specifically for University of Melbourne teachers who are employed on a sessional, short term or casual basis. It provides a broad framework that can be used by sessional teachers to plan their teaching and to reflect on the role they play in supporting and influencing student learning. As well, it offers practical advice and strategies for the classroom.

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Writing Learning Outcomes Guide

Writing Learning Outcomes (2015)

A practical guide for academics on developing and designing learning outcomes for their courses

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Tutoring in interdisciplinary subjects

Tutoring in interdisciplinary subjects (2011)

In this guide, you will find a range of tools and strategies to help you to become a more effective tutor in an interdisciplinary classroom. Beginning with some of the basic requirements for initiating an interdisciplinary process in your tutorials as well as techniques for troubleshooting common concerns and challenges, it is my hope that you will see this guide as a 'tool kit'; essential information that you can consult on the go' and that will help you to feel more confident and prepared when it comes to 'doing' interdisciplinary teaching.

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Finding Common Ground

Finding Common Ground: Enhancing interaction between domestic and international students (2010)

This research project investigated local and international student interaction within teaching and learning contexts.

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Involving Students in Peer Review

Involving Students in Peer Review (2009)

This guide has been developed as a resource for teaching staff and course/subject coordinators who are considering integrating student peer review in their subjects. While the case studies and tools      described in this booklet are specific to the University of Melbourne, the discussion has broad applicability and relevance to other higher education institutions in Australia and abroad.

Eleven Practices

Eleven Practices of Effective Postgraduate Supervisors (1999; 2006).

This guide is about the role of the supervisor and the quality of supervision. It offers possible approaches and strategies, and flags potential trouble-spots.

Teaching International Students

Teaching International Students: Strategies to Enhance Learning (2006).

This document contains practical suggestions for teaching strategies that will assist the University's international students. While research has highlighted that the educational expectations of international students are as diverse as those of domestic students, conclusions can be drawn about the particular challenges facing international students.

Understanding and Promoting

Understanding and Promoting Student Engagement in University Learning Communities (2005).

This paper uses national student experience data to challenge some of the thinking about student engagement, including how 'engagement' is defined and fostered. Strategies are identified for understanding, monitoring and promoting community engagement within and beyond the classroom.

Team Skills and Problem based learningTeam skills and problem-based learning
This article describes an innovative approach to managing workshops for large student groups in science, which was devised by Professor Clyde Herreid of the State University, New York. Professor Herreid presented a seminar to members of HERDSA Victoria in February 1994.
Questioning Skills

Questioning skills

Writing aims and objectivesWriting Aims and Objectives
Preparing lecture notes and handouts

Preparing Lecture Notes and Handouts
Should lecturers distribute lecture notes or hand-outs? If so, when? What form should they take?