Course materials on peer review

Our Melbourne Teaching Certificate and Graduate Certificate in University Teaching courses both include successful peer review of teaching which can be implemented by individuals and academic units. The resources listed here are designed to support this, and we recommended using them in conjunction with the Collegial feedback on teaching guide.

If you would like assistance in designing and implementing a tailored peer review of your academic unit's teaching programs, please contact us at


Description and use

Protocols for Reviewers  Undertaking Teaching Observations

Code of conduct for  reviewers. Must be read by anyone acting as a reviewer prior to commencing  any review of face-to-face teaching.

Process for peer review

One-page information sheet  detailing the four-step peer review process, including when to use each  resource.

Form A Plan

Plans logistics of review.

Form B Feedback Framework

(‘face-to-face’ teaching)

Taken in to the reviewed  class to trigger observations.

Frameworks are also  available for review of:

Form C

Report and Response

Reviewer records written  feedback and provides this to the reviewee. Reviewee uses Section 2 to record  their response to the feedback.

Example of written feedback

An actual and excellent example  of how to provide feedback to colleagues. This is used with the kind  permission of colleagues from the Graduate Certificate of University  Teaching.

Identifying a partner for peer review

Sets out the advantages (and  possible disadvantages) of undertaking peer review with colleagues with  various backgrounds and positions.

Invitation to a colleague to review teaching

Provides colleagues who may  not be familiar with peer review with brief information about the process,  their role and the time commitment required.

Peer review

Peer review