Graduate Research ePortfolio (GReP)

The GReP is your collaborative tool; a place to find online courses,  resources and to connect with other graduate researchers as well as  researchers across the University. It's free, and available 24/7. How  you use the GReP is up to you, and depends on your stage of candidature.  It's designed to be flexible: you can do a whole course, or just drop  in for specific info.

Postgraduate Essentialsis an online,  award-winning course designed to equip you with the academic skills,  practical information and management tools essential throughout  candidature and beyond. Being online, the course can be accessed from  anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer.

If you're in the first year of your degree, then Postgraduate Essentials: Strategies for a Successful start to your degree, or  PGE 1, is for you because it focuses on getting through the early  stages of candidature, organising your time, getting through  confirmation, and building a strong relationship with your supervisor. Postgraduate Essentials is closely aligned with the UpSkills program workshops and seminars.

Postgraduate Essentials: Completion and Beyond, or PGE 2,  ensures you get your thesis submitted, and your career organised; it's  about the last 6 to 12 months of your degree, with a focus on  completion.

The Doctoral Attribute Workshop is a reflective tool specifically  built to assist you to identify the skills and attributes you'll attain  during your degree. The idea is to identify where you're performing  best, where you might add some training, and when you apply for a job,  the DAW provides you with a record of your achievements during your  degree.

The U21 Global Research Ethics and Integrity Module, or  GREIM (pronounced "GREEM") is an intensive online course on ethics and  integrity with an international outlook. GREIM considers everything from  authorship and human & animal research, to commercialisation, and  community ethics.

Last but not least, the GReP Master Classes are practical and  technical guides to info skills, publishing, getting to your first  conference, and understanding research data management.

How to access the GReP

To get access to the GReP please login at the LMS login page, and find us in the communities tab. If you experience any difficulties accessing the GReP, please email us at