eLearning and Online Learning

The Melbourne CSHE has a group of staff whose primary focus is on the use of technology by staff and students in higher education, including the University's Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education Innovation) who leads the University's digital strategy. A number of initiatives have been introduced based on this strategy, including Learning and Teaching Initiatives, the eLearning Professional Development Framework and the University's partnership with Coursera in the delivery of Massive Open Online Courses.

The Centre also works closely with Chancellery and Learning Environments in the support of research and development of eLearning and Online Learning at The University of Melbourne.

 MOOCs: What Have We Learned?

A video capture of Coursera founder Daphne Koller's seminar at the University of Melbourne in August 2015.

LTI: Learning and Teaching Initiative Grants 2012-2013: A Review

A report on some of the innovative ideas in the University of Melbourne's eLearning area from the Learning and Teaching Initiative Grants scheme's 2012/2013 cohort.

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University of Melbourne Data Snapshots

University of Melbourne Data snapshots 2013-2014 (November 2014)

Massive Open Online Courses

 eLearning Professional Development Framework

eLearning Professional Development Framework (July 2013)

The eLearning Professional Development Framework outlines activities designed to support the development of staff knowledge and skills across the areas of pedagogy, technology and administration of eLearning and online learning at the University of Melbourne. The framework provides a well-integrated suite of activities that cater to the many different skill and interest levels of staff, from those who are experienced with eLearning and online learning and want to expand their knowledge of related research and new innovations, to those staff who are new to the idea of integrating technology into the classroom and need practical pedagogical and technical advice.The activities are provided in multiple delivery formats to provide flexibility and choice for staff.

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Creating Effective Websites for University Teaching

Creating  Effective Websites for University Teaching: An educational framework (2008)
This guide presents a conceptual framework for planning  subject websites, based upon educational purpose rather than technology.  The booklet provides a practical tool that presents the options and  considerations in a question-based approach

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