Curriculum design


Teaching Research Nexus

The Teaching-Research Nexus: A guide for academics and policy-makers in higher education (2008) (website)
This website examines the complexity of the teaching-research nexus in contemporary higher education and the possible ways in which research and teaching can be linked for the enhancement of student learning. The website is a resource for all academics and university staff, including those with leadership roles in teaching and learning, who wish to achieve better connections between teaching and research.

Teaching Research Nexus

The Teaching-Research Nexus (2005).
The University of Melbourne strives to achieve an enriching nexus between research, learning and teaching. This document encourages consideration of ways in which the research-teaching nexus can be continually broadened and enhanced. Adopted by the Academic Board in 2005.


Adventures with Breadth

Adventures with Breadth: A story of interdisciplinary innovation (2008)
This booklet explores the practices and outcomes of implementing a interdisciplinary subject at the University of Melbourne. It reports on the first iteration of one of the most distinctive features of the New Generation degrees, a University Breadth Subject

Interdisciplinary Higher Education

Interdisciplinary higher education: Implications for teaching and learning (2007).
This paper explores the ideas of disciplinarity, multidisciplinarity, cross-disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity in higher education with a particular focus on the challenges for teaching and learning. Definitions of the various types of disciplinarity are proposed and the differences between these terms highlighted. But, more importantly, some of the pedagogical and epistemological implications of moving towards more interdisciplinary higher education are discussed.

Integrating the disciplines

Integrating the disciplines: Successful interdisciplinary subjects (2009)
Interdisciplinary teaching and learning is integral to the curriculum at the University of Melbourne. There has always been a range of interdisciplinary subjects offered in cross-disciplinary degrees, but the Melbourne Model has given further emphasis to interdisciplinary breadth of learning. This guide provides materials and strategies to support the successful design, organisation, teaching, and evaluation of interdisciplinary subjects.


Capstone Experiences

Developing Capstone Experiences (2009)
This guide provides an overview of the key features and considerations in developing capstone experiences, and offers practical advice and examples on incorporating capstone experiences in curriculum design.


Guidelines for effective group

Guidelines for Effective Group Projects at the University of Melbourne
(2008) A short paper providing a framework to inform the design and conduct of group projects across the University, while supporting the diversity of specific purpose and application in various courses and disciplines.