Resource name Category Publication date
Good feedback practices Assessment and feedback 2017
Guide for reviewing assessment Assessment and feedback 2017
LTI: Learning and Teaching Grants 2012-2013: A Review Educational technology 2017
MOOCs: University of Melbourne Data snapshots 2013-2014 Educational technology 2017
eLearning Professional Development Framework Educational technology 2017
Creating Effective Websites for University Teaching: An educational framework Educational technology 2017
The Melbourne Sessional Teachers' Handbook Teaching in practice 2017
Writing Learning Outcomes Teaching in practice 2017
Tutoring in interdisciplinary subjects Teaching in practice 2017
Finding Common Ground: Enhancing interaction between domestic and international students Teaching in practice 2017
Involving Students in Peer Review Peer review 2017
Collegial Feedback on Teaching: A guide to peer review Peer review 2017
Peer Review of Teaching in Australian Higher Education Peer review 2017
Course materials on peer review Peer review 2017
Nine Principles Guiding Teaching and Learning in the University of Melbourne Teaching in practice 2017
Understanding and Promoting Student Engagement in University Learning Communities Teaching in practice 2017
The Teaching-Research Nexus Curriculum design 2017
Adventures with Breadth: A story of interdisciplinary innovation Curriculum design 2017
Interdisciplinary higher education: Implications for teaching and learning Curriculum design 2017
Integrating the disciplines: Successful interdisciplinary subjects Curriculum design 2017
Developing Capstone Experiences Curriculum design 2017
Guidelines for Effective Group Projects at the University of Melbourne Curriculum design 2017
Effective lecturing in large classes Teaching in practice 2017
Promoting interdisciplinary thinking Teaching in practice 2017
Using 'real-world' experiences for student learning Teaching in practice 2017
Supporting a cohort experience Teaching in practice 2017
Designing assessments for students from diverse backgrounds Teaching in practice 2017
Fostering individual students' creative potential Teaching in practice 2017
The Benefits and Challenges of Modular Higher Education Curricula Curriculum design 2017
Reassessing the Value of University Lectures Teaching in practice 2017
English language proficiency and employability framework International students 2017
Good Practice Report - English Language Proficiency International students 2017
Graduate Communication Skills International students 2017
Finding Common Ground: Enhancing interaction between domestic and international students International students 2017
Enhancing Student Mental Wellbeing: A Handbook for Academic Educators Curriculum design 2017
The Melbourne Way The Melbourne Way 2017