The academic's and policy-maker's guides to the teaching-research nexus: A suite of resources for enhancing reflective practice


This project examined important questions regarding the complex teaching-research nexus (TRN) in contemporary higher education and the possible ways in which research and teaching can be linked for the enhancement of student learning. The project asks:

  • In what ways are teaching, learning and research linked for mutual benefit in higher education?
  • How do students benefit from the research character of universities?
  • Can the relationships between research, teaching and student learning be strengthened?

The major outcome of this project is a website that provides extensive resources for all academics and university staff, including those with leadership roles in teaching and learning, who wish to achieve better connections between teaching and research. It examines good practice examples of teaching-research linkages in Australian universities and has sections covering the benefits of the TRN for students; the TRN in the curriculum and in policy as well as the importance of the TRN in academic careers.

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Kerri-Lee Krause (Griffith), Sophie Arkoudis, Richard James and Ros McCulloch (QUT)
Funded by
Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching and Higher Education (now Australian Learning and Teaching Council)