International trends in establishing the standards of academic achievement in higher education: An independent report and analysis


This report was commissioned by AUQA in response to a number of initiatives from various Australian policy-making bodies regarding the meaning of 'academic standards' and how universities establish, measure, monitor and report on the academic achievement of students and graduates. AUQA's 2009 discussion paper Setting and Monitoring AcademicStandards in Australian Higher Education prompted debate and discussion across Australian universities about possible national standards of academic achievement.

This paper thus provides a timely survey of approaches to academic standards in higher education systems outside Australia as well as analysis of a range of national and international initiatives. The approach is not to evaluate these projects, but rather to illustrate the range and extent of activity in this area. The paper contains a summary and an analysis of the types of initiatives underway, and proposes a conceptual framework to facilitate further discussion within Australia.

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Kerri-Lee Harris
Funded by
Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA)