Recommendations for the management of an expanded program of awards for university teaching


Increased federal funding to recognize and reward excellence in university teaching led the Carrick Institute to commission the CSHE to provide recommendations to the Institute for the effective organisation and management of a university teaching awards program that expanding on the existing teaching awards scheme.

In the course of developing the resulting report and guidelines for an awards scheme, the project team:

  • briefly reviewed the existing AAUT scheme, taking note in particular of the Australian Universities Teaching Committee (AUTC) project Review of the Australian Awards for University Teaching completed in 2003;
  • reviewed comparable overseas and institutional schemes that promote and reward teaching excellence in universities, including conducting interviews with staff responsible for the management of the schemes;
  • reviewed relevant literature;
  • interviewed key stakeholders; and
  • conducted a one-day meeting with an expert panel to explore various options.

The resulting guidelines were adopted by the Carrick Institute (now the Australian Learning and Teaching Council) and can be accessed via the OLT website (formerly ALTC).

Richard James, Kerri-Lee Krause, Kerri-Lee Harris, Leanne Howard and Robin Garnett
Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (now Australian Learning and Teaching Council)