APEC Higher Education Diploma Supplement Project


Around the world, higher education graduates are increasingly mobile. Students travel abroad for their university study, and then look for recognition of their qualifications at home or elsewhere. Graduating domestic students seek further study or work in other systems or economies. And economies recognise the importance of a mobile and more global work force. It is in this context that many institutions and governments are commiting resources to the international recognition of qualifications and the general support of graduate mobility.

This project was commissioned by the Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG) of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum. The project examined the nature and extent of diploma supplement developments in the APEC member economies (MEs). In addition, the project explored the possibilities for consensus around common elements and guiding principles for diploma supplements, and sought to identify any related capacity-building needs of MEs.  

This report presents the findings of a July 2010 scoping study into the extent of diploma supplement developments across the APEC economies. The survey data collected from 16 MEs was supplemented by discussions among delegates at an October 2010 APEC event, Conference on Higher Education Diploma Supplements.

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Richard James (project director), Kerri-Lee Harris, Lynn Meek (LHMartin Institute), Grant Harman (CHEMP, UNE)
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat