Academic workforce 2020: framing a national agenda for professionalising university teaching


The Academic Workforce 2020 project will prepare a national framework and evidence-based resources to support universities in shaping a coherent agenda over the 2013-2020 period to raise the professionalism of higher education teaching. This project will provide a blueprint for influencing Australian policy and practice. The project commences with the assumption that university teaching remains only moderately professionalised.

With larger and more diverse student cohorts, plus the emergence of new educational models, steps must be taken to prepare the academic workforce, itself diversifying, for a new era. Drawing on international knowledge of effective teaching, experience in the introduction of professional standards frameworks, and exemplary Australian case studies, the project will consult with the sector to propose a Framework for Academic Professionalisation that is theoretically robust and practically attainable.

In articulating the core characteristics of academic professionalism, this framework will be the centrepiece for recommendations and resources to support the steps needed to advance the professionalisation of university teaching.

Professor Richard James (Project Leader), Dr Chi Baik, Professor Kerri-Lee Krause, Professor David Sadler, Dr Sara Booth, Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington, Dr Emmaline Bexley, Associate Professor Gregor Kennedy