The Enterprise University as Networked University: Investigating the contribution of Australian higher education institutions to social capital


This project has two components.

  1. ARC Discovery project
    As well as creating benefits for individuals higher education creates broader social, economic and cultural benefits or 'public goods'. Though these are of major significance for the community and government they have eluded definition and plausible measurement. However, recent research on social capital – the norms and networks (including ICT networks) that facilitate cooperation – provides a promising new line of inquiry. Building on three previous ARC studies of Australian universities, the project investigates local and global networks sustained by case-study institutions.
  2. ARC Professorial Fellowship research program
    Under this program Professor Marginson is developing an integrated analysis of the globally networked research university as an institution.

Principal project aims

  1. Develop and apply new tools for identifying and in part measuring certain external effects of higher education institutions, adapting techniques used in studies of social capital.
  2. Apply these tools in case studies, investigate external networks of Australian universities, including local and global networks, focusing on communications.
  3. Provide training for a doctoral student in the field of inquiry and subject matter.
  4. Development of an integrated analysis of the Globally Networked Enterprise University through a series of projects of research and scholarship (the Australian Professorial Fellowship Program)Apply these tools in case studies, investigate external networks of Australian universities, including local and global networks, focusing on communication.

Outputs from the Australian Professorial Fellowship research program

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Simon Marginson (Australian Professorial Fellow) and Catherine Burnheim (PhD student)
Australian Research Council Discovery Grant project