University Student finances in 2012


A study of the financial circumstances of domestic and international students in Australia's universities. Canberra: Universities Australia.

Australian higher education has changed dramatically since the previous iteration of Universities Australia's longitudinal study of university students' finances in 2006. In particular, the Review of Australian Higher Education ('The Bradley Review'; Bradley, Noonan, Nugent and Scales 2008) and the resulting policy package Transforming Australia's Higher Education System (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009) have led to large increases in participation in higher education, with many older students entering the system, as well as more students from families in which a university education has not been the norm, particularly since the uncapping of domestic undergraduate places last year. 

The review, and the resulting policy and legislative changes, have seen welcome increases in student income support and the extension of income support to many masters by coursework students, as well as the uncapping of undergraduate domestic places and a greater focus on equity than was the case previously.

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Emmaline Bexley, Suzanne Daroesman, Sophie Arkouds and Richard James