Participation and equity: A review of the participation in higher education of people from low socioeconomic backgrounds and Indigenous people


This report reviews available literature and data relating to the participation and success of people from low socioeconomic status (SES) backgrounds and Indigenous people in Australian higher education (the analysis does not include international students). It also contains a summary of the equity activities and initiatives of Australian universities and a summary of equity policies, programs and trends in selected nations, in particular United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

The purpose of the report is to shed light on the factors associated with the persistent under-representation of low SES people and Indigenous people in Australian universities with a view to informing policies and strategies and providing a framework for further analysis of equity for people from low SES backgrounds.

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CSHE contributors
Malcolm Anderson, Emmaline Bexley, Marcia Devlin (now Deakin), Robin Garnett, Simon Marginson and Lucy Maxwell
Steering group
Professor Alan Robson (Chair), Professor Paul Clark, Professor Helen Garnett, Professor Elizabeth Harman, Professor Roger Thomas and Professor Sally Walker
Funded by
Universities Australia