Australian university student finances 2006


This study (which accompanies and extends an earlier report Australian university student finances 2006: A summary of findings from a national survey of students in public universities) presents detailed findings regarding the finances of Australian university students at all Australian public universities, based on 18,954 responses to a survey by questionnaire.

The report is primarily structured around three student subgroups, which have been further divided into part-time and full-time students: 

  • undergraduate students;
  • postgraduate research (HDR) students (Masters by Research, Professional Doctorate and PhD students); and
  • postgraduate coursework students (Graduate Certificate, Graduate and Postgraduate Diploma and Masters by Coursework students).

It includes the examination of the effects on students' financial circumstances of key characteristics such as gender, socioeconomic background, language spoken at home, and living arrangements.

The findings of this study have important implications for the quality of Australian higher education as well as implications of relevance to federal and institutional policy and practice. They reveal the difficult financial circumstances of many Australian university students and the significant impact of financial pressures on students' capacity to study effectively.

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Richard James, Emmaline Bexley, Marcia Devlin and Simon Marginson
Funded by
Universities Australia