Learning analytics dashboards


This project aimed to develop a greater understanding of how students interpret and respond to feedback delivered through learning analytics and the influence this feedback has on self-regulated learning motivations and goals

About the project

The aim of this research was to develop a greater understanding of how student interpret and act upon feedback delivered via learning analytics dashboards. To address this aim a learning analytics dashboard was developed. The dashboard feedback was given to three groups of students, a first year biology class (n=14), a second year Japanese language class (n=10) and a first year architecture class (n=4), during the first semester of the 2014 academic year. A mixed methods approach was taken to collect data throughout the semester including an initial survey, two ‘think aloud’ interviews, and a final survey. The findings of this research showed that students were able to articulate an interpretation of the feedback to identify gaps between their expected and actual performance. For some students, this interpretation informed changes to their study strategies, while others found it more difficult to determine the actions needed to reach their academic goals. The study was successful in attaining both the conceptual and practical outcomes proposed in the grant application. On a conceptual level the research resulted in a greater understanding of the impact of this feedback on students’ self-regulated learning and motivation. The qualitative nature of the study allowed for detailed exploration of students’ perspectives on their learning strategies and the role of such feedback. From a practical perspective, the findings of the study can be used to inform the design of learning analytics dashboards including a better understanding of the link between the learning design of a subject and the layout/inclusion of data in the dashboard.


Conference Papers

Corrin, L., & de Barba, P. (2014). Exploring students’ interpretation of feedback delivered through learning analytics dashboards. In B. Hegarty, J. McDonald, & S.-K. Loke (Eds.), Rhetoric and Reality: Critical perspectives on educational technology. Proceedings ascilite Dunedin 2014 (pp. 629-633).

Conference Poster

Corrin, L. & de Barba (2015). How do students interpret feedback delivered via dashboards?. In P. Blikstein, A. Merceron, & G. Siemens (Eds.), Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (pp. 430-431). New York: ACM.

Conference/Seminar Presentations

Corrin, L., & de Barba, P. (2015, May) Visualising Feedback: Students’ Interpretation of Learning Analytics Dashboards, MCSHE Innovations in Teaching and Learning Seminar Series (University of Melbourne).

Corrin, L. (2014, September) Helping students to stay up, mobile and personal: Enhancing the delivery of feedback through learning analytics dashboards, 21st Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology UK, Riding Giants: How to innovate and educate ahead of the wave (University of Warwick, UK).


Linda Corrin (Lecturer)
Paula de Barba (Research Fellow)


Linda Corrin
(03) 9035 9685